A Wild Ride: Man Rams Deputy’s Patrol Car, Steals a Truck

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss.–It was probably the wildest ride of Willie Hairston’s life Wednesday as he ran from the police and stole a truck to try to get further away. He made it no further than the next county.

Noxubee deputies said in a press release that they were on a disturbance call and when they got there, Hairston, 51, or Crawford, ran and got in a car, then ram a patrol car to get away.

The deputy in the car was hurt.

Hairston was able to get to Lowndes County, where deputies say he stole a pickup. With the help of Hairston’s family, they were able to track him down by early afternoon and slap the cuffs on him.

He’s in jail on a number of charges.

Deputy Tom Roby was treated at the llocal hospital and released.