What to know before hitting the road; vehicle safety

It’s summertime and you’re probably already dreaming of that beach vacation just around the corner. Well, before you hit the road you might want to make sure your vehicle is road-trip ready. 

The Mississippi Department of Transportation protects you while you’re traveling, but they want to offer a few tips before you start on your journey.

If you’re driving remember:

  • Check tires for tread wear and proper pressure
  • Check your battery
  • Make sure belts and hoses are in good shape
  • Replace your windshield wiper blades
  • Check all brake and head lights
  • Make sure your air conditioning is ready for the heat

Don’t forget to check your fluid levels including: oil, brake, transmission, windshield, coolant and power steering.

If you’re traveling prepare an emergency kit with some basic tools like jumper cables, first aid, a flashlight and duct tape. It’s always good to have a spare key in a secure place just in case.

If you’re using Mississippi roads for your travel MDOT has, the MDOT traffic app and Mississippi 511 that can be used as great resources for your route.

“Being prepared is the first step to a successful road trip,” said Mississippi Department of Transportation Executive Director Melinda McGrath. “Planning ahead will ensure you have a fun and, most importantly safe summer vacation.”

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