West Point florist assists with White House Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations are everywhere this time of year, and the White House had some help with theirs from West Point, Mississippi.

Scott Reed, owner of Petal Pushers; a flower shop in West Point, was selected along with over 150 volunteers to help the First Lady decorate the White House for the holiday season. Reed applied to help with the decorations during the George W. Bush administration and during President Obama’s term, but the third time was the charm for Reed.

Much like any application process, Reed had to give his prior experience and had communication with the program before receiving his final invitation back in October. Unlike many applications, this one ended with a 4-day trip to Pennsylvania Avenue over the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Reed joined the J.T. Show on Supertalk Mississippi to discuss what it was like to work alongside the First Lady and the design teams.

Politics aside, Reed said that he has always wanted to participate in the program to be a part of history.

“This was about doing something that I’ve always wanted to do. The White House decorations have been heavily documented every year. It’s always fun to go back and see what has happened in years past and I always thought it would neat to be a part of,” Reed said. “I looked at it as being a part of American history.”

Photos from the White House can be seen below: