Weekend weather rundown

North Mississippi looking at a cloudy and COLD Saturday: after a night in the 30s, you’re only warming to a high near 50, low returning to near 32. Things will begin to warm some Sunday: high near 60, low near 40. Monday could see more showers and a low dipping, again, to the freezing mark.

Central Mississippi expecting scattered thunderstorms to roll through all day Saturday: high near 60, low near 40. Sunday stays cloudy and cool with highs in the 50s/60s, lows in the mid 40s. You can also expect some stiff winds blowing through the central part of the state this weekend.

South Mississippi expecting showers and some rolling thunder all weekend. Saturday’s high in the lower 70s, low around 50, but Sunday cooling off: high around 60 with a low returning to the lower 50s.

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