Wednesday weather rundown: 6-14-17 more rain ahead

North Mississippi waking up to a muggy and warm Wednesday morning in the lower 70s. Today’s high reaching the lower 90s with partly cloudy skies and a chance for a scattered shower, maybe a brief thunderstorm to pop up today. If you’re looking for more rain, you’ll definitely get a dose tomorrow: scattered storms will blow thru the state thru Thursday evening.

Central Mississippi you’re in for a round of scattered rain and thunder today: grab the umbrella, cause you’re in for a wet afternoon. Today’s high pushing a muggy, sticky 90 degrees. Tomorrow you’ll get another round starting a little earlier. Tomorrow’s high returning to the upper 80s/lower 90s.

South Mississippi waking up after a round of overnight rain and thunder. You’re looking at more rain today with a high in the mid 80s with some stiff humidity making for a sticky Wednesday. Expect more storms tomorrow, your high pushing into the upper 80s.

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