Wednesday weather rundown 4-19-17

After a night of scattered showers throughout north Mississippi, you’re in for a muggy, warm day with a high in the upper 80s with a low tonight falling to the lower 60s. Tomorrow’s high returning to the mid 80s with partly cloudy skies and a chance for scattered thunderstorms to return Thursday night.

Central Mississippi waking up after a night of rolling thunder and scattered showers, but your Wednesday is looking only partly cloudy and warm with highs pushing into the upper 80s. Tonight’s low reaching the the lower 60s with clear skies leading to a bright Thursday with a high around 85.

South Mississippi waking up to some clear skies this morning, rising out of the 60s to reach a high in the mid 80s today. Look for a few clouds overhead marking your Wednesday, with a low tonight falling to the mid 60s. Tomorrow looking like a carbon copy from here: partly cloudy with a high around 85