WEATHER ALERT: Severe weather threat downgraded

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center is monitoring the storm front that’s currently affecting the southeast, and has downgraded the threat risk for Mississippi. New outlooks show a SLIGHT chance for severe weather. That still anticipates thunderstorms with the potential for hail, strong winds and the possibility for a tornado. The main concern between thunderstorms, however, is the threat of non-thunderstorm winds blowing fiercely from the south. These can sustain gusts upwards of 30 mph, sometimes for half an hour and can do serious damage to roofs, siding, and bring down trees that have already been weakened by this morning’s storms.


After a long, rough night and morning, storms are still raking across the Pinebelt and areas south of I-20. The NOAA Storm Prediction Center has updated it’s outlook on what Mississippi can expect for ROUND TWO of storms predicted this afternoon. The orange band represents a MODERATE chance for storms to impact the area, while the yellow band reflects a SLIGHT chance. Still, predictions remain hard to nail down.

Thousands of people are out of power this morning, and straightline winds threaten to gust through the state all day. These winds can reach speeds of over 30mph, and can continuously blow for 30 minutes or more. Expect more trees to come down after already being weakened from the heavy rain and wind.

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