Two dead due to methane gas leak

Two men are dead after working at a lift station in Petal. 

Petal Mayor Hal Marx confirmed that a private company had been contracted to work on the wastewater pump. In the process two individuals died from methane gas.

“I went to the scene and our fire department and other EMS were out there trying to get two men out of our lift station,” said Marx. ”
Two of their employees were overcome by the methane gas while 15 feet down.”

Marx said the two men, Terry West, 45, and Gage West, 20, were father and son.

According to local firefighters one breath of methane gas at 100 parts per million could kill someone. The fire department’s meters read nearly 200 parts per million in the hole the men were working.

“The owner of the company was actually on scene, he was outside the hole, but there was nothing he could do once he realized what was happening,” said Marx.


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