Tupelo band heads to inauguration, GoFundMe still active

TUPELO, MISS– Tupelo High School’s “Golden Wave” band departed Wednesday for D.C. to march in the inaugural parade.

Securing the spot in the parade was as simple as filing an application.

“In the band world, we know it’s coming every four years,” said Rick Murphy, Director of the Golden Wave band. “I applied, not thinking that we had any chance at all… then I get a call from Senator Roger Wicker.. and we’re in.”

The band had just 30 days from the day of notification, which was December 20, to raise about $110,000.

They’re taking nearly 200 people on four charter buses to the parade. All of those people will also need meals, hotel accommodations, and spending money.

The Mississippi Board of Realtors, H&R Block, and other corporate sponsors helped to raise the money.

On Friday, the Tupelo School District announced that the band would be representing the state of Mississippi at the parade.

“We’re going to be the only group from Mississippi there,” said Murphy. “And we’ll proudly wave that flag.”

Murphy said that not only is this good for the band and school district, it is also good for the students.

“We’re part of history,” said Murphy. “So this is much more than just a sightseeing tour.”

While the trip is funded, the band’s GoFundMe is still active, with about $32,000 in the fund as of Tuesday.

Click here to donate to the Golden Wave’s fund for the trip.

Below is a video of the Golden Wave band preparing to depart for D.C.


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