Tuesday weather rundown: more storms possible tonight

Tuesday, April 5, 2017

North Mississippi waking up with some peaceful weather this morning: temperatures a little cool in the lower 50s, but rising swiftly into the lower 80s today. Look for a few showers and scattered thunderstorms to break across the area later tonight, and extending into tomorrow morning. There’s a slight chance for severe weather.

Central Mississippi cool this morning as well: waking up in the mid 50s, but ticking up to the mid 80s for your high. Tonight, more storms return with a slight chance to turn severe, spreading into tomorrow morning. After the storms move out, you can expect high winds gusting upwards of 20 miles an hour in some places.

South Mississippi in the upper 50s today, expecting a high in the lower 80s. More storms expected for your area tonight as well, with a chance for some to grow more concentrated than thru the rest of the state. Look for thunder to roll clear thru tomorrow afternoon.

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