Tuesday weather rundown 5-16-17

Another sunny and warm day around the Magnolia State.

North Mississippi waking up in the lower 60s, with a high steaming around 90 today. You can expect a nice breeze helping to carry you thru your Tuesday. Starting to see that relative humidity begin to tick north of the 60% mark: look for things to start edging to the HOT side. Tomorrow looking a little cloudy with highs in the upper 80s.

Central Mississippi in the UPPER 60s, lower 70s this morning: lots of sunshine and a steady breeze for you as well, thankfully: you’re looking at a high closer to 90. Tonight’s low dipping back to the mid 60s, with a high returning to near 90 tomorrow.

South Mississippi may be the mildest of all today: in the mid 60s this mrning, with a high only pushing into the mid 80s. Look for a steady breeze. Tonight’s low falling to the upper 60s. Tomorrow expect a high just above 80, with a chance for rain and thunder tomorrow night.

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