Tuesday weather rundown: 4-11-17 rain, thunder, cooler nights ahead

North Mississippi not too bad this morning: rising thru the 60s on your way to reach a high near 80 today: lots of clouds marking your Tuesday. You’re in for a stray shower, maybe some thunder thruout today, especially as sundown draws near: around a 50 percent coverage thru the evening hours into tomorrow morning. Your low tonight dipping to the upper 50s.

Central Mississippi grab the umbrella: you’re looking at a mix of clouds and sun with a chance to catch an isolated thunderstorm thru the afternoon hours: those chances growing much better as you move thru the evening and into tonight. Today’s high near 80, tonight’s low near 60.

South Mississippi waking up in the low 60s as you work toward a high near 80: partly cloudy today with some good sunshine on tap for ya. Tonight, you’ll be chewing your way thru some foggy conditions that should last into tomorrow morning.

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