Thursday weather rundown: 4-20-17

North Mississippi looking clear and a little on the humid side this morning: temperatures rising thru the 60s and 70s today to reach a high in the mid 80s. Tonight, you can expect some thunderstorms to creep into the area, with scattered cells popping up throughout the night, into tomorrow and even into Friday and parts of the weekend.

Central Mississippi feeling muggy this morning as well: that feeling going to last thru your Thursday, even as a soft breeze carries you thru. Your high reaching the mid 80s today. Tonight’s low falling to the mid 60s. Tomorrow looking much like today: partly cloudy, high around 85, but look for scattered thunder tomorrow night.

Mostly clear skies over south Mississippi this morning: comfortable temps in the mid 60s ratcheting up to the mid 80s, with partly cloudy skies and a low returning to the mid 60s. Tomorrow look for more sun, and a high around 85.