Thursday weather rundown: 10-12-17

Much cooler temperatures across north Mississippi today. Starting in the mid 50s to reach a high in the upper 70s. A few clouds passing overhead, but drier air will keep things very comfortable and light. Don’t expect the cool air to stick around, however. Highs will be back near 90 for your weekend.

After a crisp morning, central Mississippi is looking at clear skies and a warm afternoon. Highs rolling into the mid 80s today, with another chilly night in the upper 50s. Your Friday high back near the 90 degree mark, and returning to 90 for your weekend.

Temperatures across the Pine Belt ticking into the mid 80s today as well, steadily working into the lower 90s tomorrow and Saturday. Good news is: your humidity is taking a dive through the weekend.

Across the Gulf Coast, high temperatures are already back near 90 today as clouds float by on a soft breeze. Expect warm days all the way into next week.