Prosecution continues in day three of Jessica Chambers murder trial

The Jessica chambers murder trial enters day three today:

Wednesday, testimony was marked by emotional accounts from first responders, including longtime firefighters who admitted they’d never seen a victim so badly burned.

Nineteen-year-old Jessica Chambers was found emerging from the woods on a Batesville back road in December 2014, not far from where her car was engulfed in flames. She had burns over 93 percent of her body, and was only wearing her underwear. She was transported to a Memphis hospital where she died that night.

The man accused of the crime is Quinton Tellis, who prosecutors say is linked based on cellphone evidence. During Wednesday’s session, however, firefighters testified that when they questioned Chambers about who had set her on fire, she uttered the name “Eric”

A haunting photo was shown in the courtroom, showing the teen with singed hair, her lips and nose black with soot, and her body covered in blisters.

News Mississippi will continue coverage.