Ocean Springs Man Accused of Making and Selling Fake Drugs

GULFPORT, Miss.- Busted for making and selling fake pot, an Ocean Springs man is facing jail time again after violating his probation. Police say 32-year-old ThChau Ngoc Duong, was on probation for a drug trafficking offense.

Duong is accused of violating probation by having $208,410 in drug money, marijuana and products from China used to make and distribute synthetic cannabinoids.

Police say Duong is on probation for having a firearm while selling ecstasy in Harrison County in 2005.

The Sun Herald reports, Magistrate Judge John Gargiulo scheduled Duong’s revocation hearing for Sept. 2 before U.S. District Judge Keith Starrett. Starrett is the same judge who sentenced him in 2007 to five years in prison and four years’ probation.