News To Go for Wednesday


A new scientific study linking cancer to where you live, is sure to alarm folks in one Mississippi county.
The analysis by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington in Seattle used health data from 3000 communities across the country. It found Madison County in Central Mississippi to have the highest national mortality rates for both prostate cancer and breast cancer.  Click here for more .

Among the offbeat bills in this legislative session, HB 1353 involves penalties for wearing  low riding pants or shorts in public places. (Not yet nicknamed ‘The Butt-crack Bill’). HB 1348 involves knowingly exposing a person to health risk through a transfer of infectious body fluids.


Central Mississippi’s Eastover District is welcoming four new businesses in the next few month, including the upscale Cantina Laredo,  and Freshi restaurants. Both eateries expected to be operational within the year.


The Mississippi Braves baseball team is jump-starting an aid relief effort for residents upended by the Pine Belt tornados. Donations will be accepted starting today at 9 am at Trustmark Park in Pearl.


If you like a challenge, consider the Great Kindness Challenge. It challenges youth groups, schools and YOU…to consult their list of fifty potential kindnesses and do as many as possible over the course of a week. Things like writing a thank you note to your mail carrier…learning to say thank you in a new language…to donating time at an animal shelter. Click here for all 50. Click here for all 50


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