News To Go for Friday

  • Inauguration Day has lots of Mississippians excited about today’s swearing-in of President Donald J. Trump. Over a hundred Trump supporters have made the pilgrimage to DC with musical contributions from the Tupelo marching band, who raised a hundred grand to make the trip.


  • Meanwhile, actors Robert De Niro, Sally Field and Mark Ruffalo joined several hundred demonstrators outside a Trump property in New York City last evening to protest the incoming administration.


  • The weather in Washington is less stormy than it’s been in the Magnolia for the past 24 hours. With tornado watches and warnings during much of yesterday, the National Weather Service is still assessing the damage from The EF-2 tornado that struck Simpson County where at least one house was completely destroyed. Smith County also suffered roof damages along with downed trees and power lines.


  • Mississippi’s high school graduation rates are up for the third year in a row. We’re still slightly below the national matriculation rate of 83.2 percent, but we’re making steady progress.


  • Ridgeland Police have arrested a man believed to have committed the recent string of robberies at the tony Renaissance Center on Highland Colony Parkway. Darrah Williams is also suspected in three break-ins in Canton.


  • Today is National Cheese Lovers Day, so grab a baby gouda, and have a great day!

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