WATCH: Tornado hits Mississippi home
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As we are looking at the possibility of severe weather in portions of the state this weekend, we thought this video would be a good reminder of the power and speed of a tornado.

This video was filmed by a mother in Morton when a tornado struck the area on April 18th.

Her daughter shared the video on social media as a reminder of the intensity and danger of a tornado.

Raw Video: Tornado destroys home!

Thank God my mom survived this. This is the video she took when the tornado hit in Morton, MS April 18, 2019. The tornado warning was not broadcasted for that area so it was a shock for everyone. My mom and her 2 dogs are good. She will not be filming anymore bad weather. Yes the sirens are going off, but if you lived in MS you would hear sirens all the time and it wouldn’t be so alarming to you. There has not been a tornado to hit this area dating back over 100 years. Please take cover when you experience this bad weather. I hope this video helps others see first hand how fast a storm can happen. Thank you for your compassion for my mom and others that now do not have a home anymore.

Posted by Ashton Currie on Sunday, April 21, 2019