Monday weather rundown 4-17-17

Image by Jared Fleming

North Mississippi, you’ll want to keep your umbrella handy today: you’re in for thunderstorms thruout the morning, then scattering as you work thru your Monday. Today’s high ticking right up to near the 80 degree mark. Look for scattered rain and thunder to roll thru tonight as well. Your overnight low reaching the lower 60s. You can expect rain and thunder to mark your Tuesday, but clearing out tomorrow night.

Central Mississippi expecting rain and thunder today as well: scattered and light, for the most part. Keep your umbrella nearby, because you’re in for it all day long, even stretching into tonight. Today’s high right around 80, with a low tonight around 60. Tomorrow more rain expected, with bouts of thunder sprinkled in.

South Mississippi waking up after a rainy Sunday night, but you’ve cleared out for today: you can still expect some cloud cover but your rain is pretty much finished for a few days at least. Today’s high peaking around 80, with a low tonight hitting 60.