Mississippians win big at USA Special Olympics

Mississippi athletes at the 2018 USA Special Olympics won 23 gold medals. Twenty-seven athletes from Mississippi competed in 14 sports at the Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington.

“Team Mississippi has done a fantastic job,” said Amanda Alpert, Flag Football Coach for the Unified Football team. “Everyone had such a great time and did great performing as well. We got to not only play the games that we love but meet new people from all the states, trading pins, talking to different players about where they are from and what games they are playing in.”

Alpert said her favorite part about the games has been watching relationships grow between Mississippi’s athletes and their coaches. She added that the athletes also got a little bit of R&R when they attend a Seattle Mariners baseball game.

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“Everyone has been practicing for so long to get ready for this and it’s been great to finally get here and perform well,” Alpert said. “I think we definitely represented the state well, not just the medal count but also with everything that we are doing as a group.”

In addition to the 23 gold medals, Mississippi’s athletes were awarded one silver medal, six bronze medals, three 4th place ribbons and two 5th place ribbons.