Mississippians celebrate Resurrection Sunday

Easter Sunday, known as Resurrection Sunday among the Christian Church, is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ arose from the dead three days after being crucified on the cross. That resurrection symbolized the defeat of death, and brought redemption between man and God, if man would have it through salvation.

“Easter Sunday, in my opinion, is the most honorable day in the Christian faith,” said Matt Taylor, Church Ministries Pastor at First Assembly of God in Columbus. “It is the day we celebrate the risen Savior.”

In the Christian faith, Jesus was resurrected three days after his death. The Bible teaches that the ground began to shake, the stone blocking the tomb was rolled away, and Jesus walked from his tomb.

“The stone wasn’t rolled away for Jesus to be let out,” said Taylor. “It was rolled away for man to see what had been done.”

Taylor said it was Jesus returning from the grave that helped to bridge the gap between man and God, which was widened by sin.

“No matter what problems or circumstances we walk through, we can hold on to the fact that we have a God who loves us,” said Taylor.


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