Mississippi Weather for Thursday January 14

JACKSON, Miss. –

It’s going to be a cool but nice day across Mississippi with possible showers later tonight.

In the northern part of the state, you’ll wake up to sunshine and a temperature around 38 degrees.

Things will warm up rather quickly and by noon, it’ll be around 55. Today high near 61.

Tonight, look for cloudy skies and some rain after midnight. Tonight’s low near 46.

In the central part of the state expect much of the same. Sunshine this morning and temperatures in the high 30’s.

It’ll be sunny throughout the morning, but clouds will begin to roll in around noon and they’ll stay there through the afternoon. Today’s high around 66.

Tonight, those clouds will give way to possible showers at around 7 p.m.. Tonight’s low will be around 50.

Finally, in the southern part of the state, partly cloudy as you roll out of bed with temperatures in the high 40’s.

By the afternoon you’ll notice cloudy skies and a high around 64.

Tonight, showers will move in around 6 p.m.. You can expect a low this evening to be around 52.