Mississippi State grad to compete in Iditarod

A Mississippi State graduate is competing in the Iditarod in Alaska, and when it comes to the Last Great Race, this isn’t his first rodeo.

According to Seth Barnes’ website, he competed in the Iditarod in 2015, placing 35th. In 2016, he placed 8th in the Yukon Quest.

Barnes graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Mississippi State, but traded in the life of a scientist with that of an extreme sportsman in Alaska.

“The best thing about dog racing is the open spaces, the beauty of the land, and spending your time with some of the best, truly amazing, professional athletes in the world,” said Barnes. 

Mushing alongside Barnes are his trusted teammates and four-legged companions Bruha, Dixon, Fox, Chile, Ghost, Steppen Wolf, Junior, Bear, Hippo, Krypton, Bull, Ram, Stomp, Grimm, Alas, Mack, Deacon, Tulsa, Buford, and Fierce.

For more about Barnes’ racing, click here.


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