Mississippi prepares for National School Choice Week

MISSISSIPPI– January 22-28 is National School Choice Week.

As you might surmise…it’s all about informing you of your options so your child can have the best future that you can imagine.

According to Andrew Campanella, CEO and president of School Choice Week, it’s all about making you aware of educational opportunities, different types of school choice so that parents can customize their children’s education.

“If they make good on all these promises, we’re going to see a totally different landscape for education. One that puts kids and parents first,” said Campanella.

Campanella also had kudos for Mississippi in particular, praising traditional public schools where improvement is being charted, to the development of the state’s charter and theme-based magnet school program and the availability of online academies.
You should also be aware of a ‘Private School Choice Program’. If you can’t afford private school, you might qualify for a scholarship to send your child to private school.

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