Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Elections Today, Anderson Versus Denson Again

CHOCTAW, Miss.–The people who operate the Golden Moon and Silver Star in Neshoba County are electing their tribal chief, or Miko, today. But the Miss. Band of Choctaw Indians also operate their own largely self-contained community, which includes schools, fire, police and other services.

Current Chief Phyliss Anderson wants another four years as chief. She’s the first female Miko, having beat Beasley Denson four years ago. He’s running again.

The position pays about $400,000 per year.

When Denson lost initially, he forced a second election, which he also lost.

The Choctaws have been making economic progress steadily since they opened casinos on tribal lands. Traditionally the late chief Phillip Martin has gotten much of the credit.

Anderson’s campaign said she has been the catalyst for even more progress, including an overhaul of the Golden Moon, which was largely in disuse.