Miss. House Votes to Increase MAEP by $106 Million, Still Short of Full Funding

JACKSON, Miss. – Wednesday, state representatives approved a K-12 Education funding bill that would increase the funding of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) by $106 million dollars compared to last year. The Department of Education had requested a $370 million increase; $312 million would have been full funding.

The bill passed the Miss. House with a vote of 120-0 and with no debate. A question was asked by Representative Johnny Stinger of Jasper to clarify that school districts would only have full autonomy over $55 million out of the $106 million increase, since the rest of the money would be reserved for new pay raises for teachers and assistant teachers.

Proponents of full funding of MAEP argue the money is needed to fund basic operations at schools such as repairs, utilities, and insurance at school, and that the lack of funding creates a burden for local municipalities.

The bill still needs approval by the Senate