Lawmakers could discuss gas tax

Though a senate bill died that would raise the gas tax, the chance of an increase is still alive.

Monday night, the House Ways and Means Committee signed off on HB 1733, a bond bill that would “authorize issuance for various purposes” according to the title.

However, in the body of the bill lies code sections that would address the cigarette tax and the gas tax.

According to a Facebook video by Russ Latino, executive director for Americans for Prosperity Mississippi, the bill was passed as a bond bill without being read or discussed by lawmakers.

The bill discusses improvements for the Capitol, funding for a trooper school, incentives for the film industry, funding for dams and bridges, and more.

According to the bill, it would also call up the previous gas tax and cigarette tax legislation “for purposes of a possible amendment.”

Right now, the state gas tax is eighteen percent.

News Mississippi has reached out to Russ Latino and Ways and Means Chair Jeff Smith for more information and is awaiting a response.

News Mississippi will continue to follow this bill.

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