Storm Damage Report: Here’s the Latest

Here are the latest numbers (1/27/2017) according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

Number of Deaths: 4

Number of People Injured: 60

Number of Homes Damaged: 1,200

Of the number of homes damaged, 715 were either destroyed or sustained major damage.

According to the Forestland Economic Impact Assessment:

1,571 forested acres damaged

1,453 privately owned acres damaged

118 acres of public lands damaged

The total economic impact the EF-3 tornado on all forested acreage (including public and private land) was estimated to be $1,089750.

A Breakdown of Damage by County

Forrest: Four deaths and 56 injured. 671 homes with major damage, 629 homes with minor damage. Estimated Economic Impact of Private Forestland: $49,504.

Franklin: Two bridges destroyed, one home damaged and one road with major damage.

Jones: Three Homes damaged, two injuries.

Lamar: 26 homes with major damage, 52 homes with minor. Two roads severely damaged. Estimated Economic Impact of Private Forestland: $305,392.

Lauderdale: One injury, 10 homes, one business and one farm building with severe damage, 11 homes with minor damage.

Perry: One injury, six homes with major damage, five homes with minor damage. Estimated Economic Impact of Private Forestland: $55,888.

Pike: One home with major damage, five homes with minor damage.

Wilkinson: On home with minor damage and seven roads with minor damage.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that three tornadoes struck Mississippi, January 21st. An EF-3 tornado hit portions of Lamar and Forrest counties, while two EF-2 tornadoes struck Perry and Lauderdale counties. An EF-2 tornado can have wind speeds between 111-135 MPH, while an EF-3 tornado can can reach speeds of up to 165 MPH.

William Carey University was also severely damaged in Saturdays storms.

Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed a federal disaster declaration for Mississippi.

If you would like to help in the recovery effort in south Mississippi, click here.



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