Judge Won’t Rule Today on Dismissing McDaniel Case

Laurel, MISS– If you were waiting to see if today was the end, you’ll be waiting another day. Judge Hollis McGehee didn’t rule on the motion to dismiss Senator Chris McDaniel’s challenge in court Thursday in Jones County.

The motion to dismiss McDaniel’s challenge of the run-off election. That was the topic of the hearing today in Jones County. Both parties held firmly to the case. McDaniel’s side fought against the notion that the challenge was filed too late, saying Kellum Law doesn’t specify a time table. Cochran’s attorney acknowledged one problem he saw in the McDaniel fight.

“All I’m hearing is ignore Kellum Law,” says Attorney Phil Abernathy.

Judge Hollis McGehee says both sides brought a lot to the discussion today, “that’s what makes it better for the courts to have good strong lawyers on both sides.”

Judge McGehee told the parties he needed to think more on this case.

“At least overnight, ” Judge McGehee doesn’t expect to waste any time, “I don’t sit on things for long.” He says a written statement will come forth tomorrow.

Another motion addressed was county clerks moving to quash the subpoenas for the counties to hand over the election materials from the run-off election.

“Releasing date of birth information became a big issue with the counties,” says McDaniel attorney Mitch Tyner.

Judge McGehee said he wouldn’t rule until he heard from the county clerks that have filed to quash the subpoenas.

“They have an important job that I can’t ignore,” says the judge.

If the case is dismissed, McDaniel could still bring this matter up in the Supreme Court on an emergency basis.

Here’s Judge McGehee’s closing statement from the hearing: