Governor Bryant orders $55M cut of state budget

JACKSON, MISS– Governor Phil Bryant has ordered a $55 million dollar cut of the state budget. 

The cut is equal to less than one percent of the state’s current budget which is at $5.8 billion.

Governor Bryant announced the adjustment on Thursday.

“It is the governor’s statutory responsibility to balance Mississippi’s budget,” said Bryant in a Facebook post. “I will uphold that duty.”

The governor added that the budget, though taking a cut, is still 13 percent higher than the budget was in 2012–his first year in office.

“Other than those bound by court orders or statutory exemptions, agencies not subject to the adjustment are the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, Child Protection Services, Military, Veterans Affairs, and some law enforcement agencies such as the Highway Patrol, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the State Crime Lab,” said Gov. Bryant.  “Also exempt are district attorneys and staff, Supreme Court services, Administrative Office of Courts, trial judges, IHL Student Financial Aid and schools for the blind and deaf.” 

The adjustment was made by transferring up to $50 million from the Working Cash Stabilization Reserve Fund and over $4 million to the state’s general fund.

Here is Governor Bryant’s letter to the State Fiscal Officer:

GovCut1 GovCut2