Good Friday: Not mourning death, celebrating redemption

In the Christian church, Good Friday is observed the Friday before Easter as a holy day to remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross. The church believes that Christ’s blood was the atonement for the sins of mankind.

“Jesus didn’t lose to death,” said Matt Taylor, Church Ministries Pastor at First Assembly of God in Columbus. “If we look at Scripture, Jesus released his Spirit.. he said ‘it is finished.”

Taylor said that was the step in redeeming man with God.

“It opened the door for people to come to Him (God) through His son Jesus Christ,” said Taylor.

While the church doesn’t mourn the death, they pay homage to the sacrifice that was made through various holy activities such as fasting, prayer, and devotional services together as a church. Taylor added that having a routine with family is just as important as honoring the sacrifice with your church.

“Come together, and have an intimate moment together, so you can truly reflect what makes Good Friday a truly good Friday,” said Taylor.

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