Get Your Dog Blessed in Tupelo

TUPLEO, Miss. – If you have ever wanted to get your dog blessed, head to Tupelo this weekend. At All Saint’s Episcopal Church they have been blessing animals for the past 19 years in conjunction with the feast day of St. Francis.

Rev. Paul Stephens says since the Tupelo church has been blessing animals for so long, the “Tupelo Reads” Committee has asked him to hold a service at the Tupelo Bark Park, just for dogs, since this month’s “Tupelo Reads” program will celebrate the book “My Dog Skip.”

NewsMS asked Rev. Stephens, what does it means to bless a dog?

“It recognizes the animal is part of God’s creation,” said Rev. Stephens. “In a way it’s a prayer or blessing for the animal’s owners and for the love and companionship that they show to the animal. And for the companionship that the animal returns to its owners.”

The blessing of dogs will be held Sunday, Sept. 15 at the Bark Park in Tupleo.

Sept. 25 the movie “My Dog Skip” will be shown at Fair Park.

Sept. 25 there will be a presentation by former Gov. Williams Winter at the Tupelo Library, since he used to live down the street from Willie Morris.