Friday weather rundown 5-12-17

Overnight thunderstorms continuing to roll across the state this morning.

North Mississippi riding out scattered storms and rain all day: you can expect to see rain all the way toward sunset. Things will be a little cooler for tomorrow and the rest of your weekend: lots of sunshine tomorrow with a high right around 80, your low dipping to the lower 50s, and Sunday’s high reaching the lower 80s.

Central Mississippi waking up with some scattered rain and a few rumbles of thunder: look for heavy clouds and some rain breaking over the area off-and-on thruout your Friday. When it’s not raining, you can expect some sticky humidity, with things clearing up as you move past lunchtime. Tomorrow: mild and gorgeous with highs hovering around 80, but look for a high near 90 come Sunday.

South Mississippi also looking at scattered rain with a few popup thunderstorms as well: your chances beginning to drop off closer to sundown. Your weekend highs staying around the mid 80s.

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