Franklin County chess program featured on 60 Minutes

What started off as a pet project aimed at educating a dozen Mississippi kids on the finer points of chess has blossomed into a region-wide phenomenon. And it’s changing the identity of one small town in Franklin County.

Dr. Jeff Bulington came to the town of Meadville after a wealthy (and so far,anonymous) benefactor lured him away from the Memphis area to teach chess in the heart of Dixie. People said it couldn’t be done. Others said it was a waste of time. But “Dr. B” accepted the challenge, and now he’s building championship contenders out of 5th graders.

The program is gaining national attention, and was recently a feature on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Find out how Dr. B’s methods are revealing the potential of Mississippi’s children:

LINK: Chess instills new dreams in kids from rural Mississippi county

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