Former Supreme Court Justice Speaks on Open-Carry Ruling

JACKSON, Miss.–With the open-carry injunction still in place by ruling of a Hind’s County Circuit Court judge last week, the conversation on both sides of the issue have revved up.

Some law enforcement officers have said they’re worried on how they would police open-carry and some legislators say this right already exists in the constitution.

The issue will likely now go to the Miss. Supreme Court.

“I think the Supreme Court will determine on its face whether it’s unconstitutionally vague or not,” said former Miss. Supreme Court Justice George Carlson who was on SuperTalk Mississippi’s Paul Gallo Show.

Carlson’s term ended earlier in 2013 and he said that it is possible the Supreme Court will find it too vague as some officers have alluded to in the injunction.

“I think [it will go back to the legislators] if the Supreme Court makes that decision,” he said. “It will go back to the legislature to clean it up.”

Carlson even admitted Monday that after reading up on the issue he isn’t sure where he stands.

“If I was still on the Court I’m not sure how I would come down [with a decision] after research and study,” he said.