Family of Victim Wants Man Convicted of 1994 Murder to Stay in Jail

JACKSON, Miss.- A man that shot a guy 10 times in 1994 is up for parole today. 

The family of the man that was killed is going before the Mississippi State Parole Board Monday to keep Milton Watts in prison.

W.P. Shivers was shot to death in the bathroom of his trailer at a hunting camp in Issaquena County.

Watts performed odd jobs for Shivers. WAPT reported he testified at trial he went downstairs to get the rifle as Shivers asked and when he approached the bathroom a jug came up and hit the gun. Watts said his reaction was that he pulled the trigger of the gun he was carrying and shot Shivers 10 times.

Watts was convicted of murder in 1995 in Issaquena County and sentenced to life in prison.