Education reform bills pass the House

Two bills have passed the House that could bring big changes to the state’s education system.

The first, House Bill 866, would only allow for three days for state testing a year.

“This removes a burden from teachers and administration,” Speaker of the House Philip Gunn posted to Facebook. “Allowing more time to be spent on instruction, and less time preparing for statewide tests.”

This bill passed the House overwhelmingly, 114-6.

House Bill 1224 would allow for “A” and “B” school districts to be exempt from certain accountability responsibilities from the Department of Education.

“This would allow these districts more room to innovate, while freeing up MDE to focus on those districts (C,D, and F) that may need additional help and resources,” said Gunn.

This bill passed the House with a little more opposition along the party lines, 79-41.

News Mississippi will continue to follow these bills through the legislative session.


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