‘Chipmunk’ speeds for reading machine out of Supreme Court hands

Perhaps you remember last year, when lawmakers were crunching to get out of the state House before the Easter holiday… a lengthy filibuster over the a bill that could create a takeover of the Jackson Airport brought out a bill reader.

Democratic lawmakers kept asking for bills to be read in their entirety.

Republican leadership used the bill reading machine–dialed up to speeds that would sound like a certain lovable childhood chipmunk animation had been throwing back 5 Hour Energy shots for the past 9 hours.

The result: Rep. Jay Hughes took Speaker of the House Philip Gunn to court.

Nearly one year later, the Supreme Court has said they have no jurisdiction over resolving disputes or disagreements relating to legislative procedure.

You can read the decision here. 

And here’s some background on the story of the chipmunk bill reader.

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