Enjoy the sunshine, rain ahead
Courtney Carter
June 10, 2017
It is sunny skies and warm weather for the weekend across the Magnolia state. Saturday you are looking at a sunny day with highs in the upper 80’s. At night it is going to be...
Weather rundowns 6-9-2017, skies staying clear with warm temperatures
Sarah Ulmer
June 9, 2017
Quite a change of pace from the rain we have seen over the past few days. It looks like clear skies and sunshine in the forecast for the next few days. 
Thursday weather rundown 6-8-17
Jared Bounds
June 8, 2017
North Mississippi waking up in the upper 50s this morning, but quickly warming to a high in the upper 70s today. Hang that raincoat up for a few days: you sure won’t need it. Lots...
Wednesday weather rundown: 6-7-17 sunshine returns
Jared Bounds
June 7, 2017
North Mississippi waking up after a few scattered overnight showers, but you’re in for a big dose of clear skies and sunshine over the next several days: today you’re looking at a high in the...
Recent rain + flooding challenge Mississippi agriculture
Jared Bounds
June 6, 2017
Although favorable spring weather helped many producers plant their corn, cotton and soybean crops early, most growers now need fields to dry out. Well-timed early spring rains helped corn producers avoid irrigating their crops, but...
Tuesday weather rundown: 6–6-17 one more day of rain
Jared Bounds
June 6, 2017
North Mississippi facing scattered rain and thunder today, after a long night of off-and-on rain. It’s been several days since flat out sunshine was forecast, but you can look forward to that come tomorrow. And...
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