Thursday weather rundown: 4-20-17
Jared Bounds
April 20, 2017
North Mississippi looking clear and a little on the humid side this morning: temperatures rising thru the 60s and 70s today to reach a high in the mid 80s. Tonight, you can expect some thunderstorms...
Wednesday weather rundown 4-19-17
Jared Bounds
April 19, 2017
After a night of scattered showers throughout north Mississippi, you’re in for a muggy, warm day with a high in the upper 80s with a low tonight falling to the lower 60s. Tomorrow’s high returning...
Tuesday weather rundown 4-18-17
Jared Bounds
April 18, 2017
Scattered showers still marking your morning thru north Mississippi. You can expect showers and rolling thunder thruout your Tuesday. Today’s high peaking around 80. Look for rain to begin tapering off overnight with a low...
Monday weather rundown 4-17-17
Jared Bounds
April 17, 2017
Image by Jared Fleming North Mississippi, you’ll want to keep your umbrella handy today: you’re in for thunderstorms thruout the morning, then scattering as you work thru your Monday. Today’s high ticking right up to...
Thursday weather rundown 4-13-17
Jared Bounds
April 13, 2017
Clear skies this morning thruout north Mississippi. You’re waking up to temperatures in the mid 50s, but you can expect highs in the mid 80s. Calm winds will keep things on the warm side, however....
Wednesday weather rundown 4-12-17
Jared Bounds
April 12, 2017
North Mississippi meeting temperatures rising from the upper 50s this morning, working toward a high around 80 today. Things looking sunny and breezy for your Wednesday, with a low tonight in the mid 50s. Expect...
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