Monday weather rundown: 8-7-17
Jared Bounds
August 7, 2017
North Mississippi looking at thunderstorms off and on all day today. You’ve got an 80% chance of getting wet as showers crash across the area. Expect rain chances to maintain through tonight and into tomorrow....
Weekend weather rundown 8-5-17: more storms for Sunday
Jared Bounds
August 5, 2017
Lots of sunshine marking your Saturday. North Mississippi seeing highs in the upper 80s/mid 90s with a few clouds wheeling overhead. You may catch a stray shower here and there, but your chances are slim...
Friday weather rundown 8-4-17: rain returns statewide
Jared Bounds
August 4, 2017
North Mississippi seeing a partial return to the summer rain cycle today: partly cloudy this morning but look for afternoon thunderstorms to crop up across the area. looking at a 50/50 chance of getting wet....
Thursday weather rundown: 8-3-17
Jared Bounds
August 3, 2017
After a soggy start yesterday, north Mississippi in for lots of sunshine today: light winds and low humidity going to carry you through you Thursday as highs scratch the 90 degree mark. Tonight staying mostly...
Wednesday weather rundown: 8-2-17
Jared Bounds
August 2, 2017
A comfortable morning across north Mississippi today: temperatures climbing through the mid 70s to reach a high barely scraping 90. Low humidity and a steady breeze will mark your Wednesday. A few showers scattering this...
Tuesday weather rundown: 8-1-17
Jared Bounds
August 1, 2017
Another warm day ahead of you in north Mississippi, though compared to the way things have been lately, you might as well call this week’s temperatures “comfortable.” You’re looking at a high today right around...
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