Carroll County moonshine operation busted

For the second time this month, a Mississippi moonshine operation has been busted. 

On Wednesday, agents with the Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on County Road 207 in Carrollton. When they got to the home, agents discovered an illegal distillery and moonshine. 

On the property, they seized and destroyed around 38 gallons of moonshine, along with hundreds of gallons of mash and other ingredients. 

  •   The following was seized or destroyed:
  •   Twenty-one 55-gallon mash barrels;
  •   200-gallon steel cooker;
  •   2 copper condensing coils;
  •   840 gallons of fermenting mash;
  •   38 gallons of moonshine;
  •   170 pounds of sugar;
  •   50 pounds of cracked corn;
  •   Less than an ounce of marijuana.

42-year-old Adrien Jameel Pickens was arrested while actively working the still. 

He has now been charged with with felony possession of an illicit distillery and possession of moonshine. 

Earlier this month, an operation was busted in Hancock County with nearly 380 gallons of moonshine.