C Spire opens new-look Madison location

Earlier today, C Spire opened their newest location in Madison.

While also a retail location, Dave Miller, Senior Media Relations Manager for C Spire, says that the new 3,500 square foot store reflects the company’s transformation into a diversified, telecommunications and tech company with a focus on business and home services.

“We have a whole section of this store dedicated to business services. That’s everything from wireless business services to voice over IP, dedicated internet access all the way up to management services…All of that you can find out about it, and order inside of the store,” he said.

Miller went on to mention the new options that they are beginning to offer within a “smart home” setting. He also noted that the store will offer a true experience for customers as more retail stores begin to offer consumers a chance to try and test products before they buy.

“This store really represents our latest and best thinking about how consumers really want to interact with bricks and mortar businesses,” Miller said. “Things are changing in the retail world.”

As the market changes, Miller says that customer service inside of the store won’t.

“We are going to make sure that even though were transforming and changing what it looks like in the stores and what you get to experience, you’re still going to get that superior customer service.”

Photo courtesy of C Spire

The new location is located at 701 Baptist Drive, Suite B Madison, MS 39110.