Bill could outlaw baggy pants

You may have strong feelings about pants that ride low on a person’s hips. You may like them. You may find them distasteful. Either way, this fashion downward approach often reveals more information about the wearer than we care to know. Such fashion is often referred to as, ‘butt-crack pant’. While stores sometimes post signs that discourage the style, there’s nothing illegal about ‘butt-crack pant’. But that could change with the current legislative session. HB 1353 addresses the issue of ‘PANTS, SHORTS OR CLOTHING BOTTOMS THAT EXPOSE UNDERWEAR OR BODY PARTS IN AN INDECENT OR VULGAR MANNER’, along with penalties for same.

There’s the possibility that the ‘butt-crack pant’ fad will fade into oblivion of it’s own accord. But until then…watch this space.

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