Alabama Chief Justice of Supreme Court Visits Mississippi Pro-Life Pastors

JACKSON, Miss. — The Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court was the keynote speaker on Friday at the Pastors for Life luncheon.

Chief Justice Roy Moore is most notably known for his refusal to take a monument of the ten commandments out of the Alabama Judicial building in 2003, despite orders from a federal judge.

It eventually led to Moore being ousted from his Chief Justice position, although in 2013 he won the position back

“I’m here to give pastors motivation with what they’re supposed to be doing, like standing up for truth and righteousness in the state,” said Moore.

He talked about the downfall of the marriage between only a man and a woman, along with abortion, which is the main focus of the group.

“We know where[ the same-sex marriage argument] is going,” he said. “It’s going back to the United States Supreme Court and they’re eventually going to try and overturn all state constitutional law about marriage.”

Moore said he thinks the U.S. Supreme Court is leaning towards overturning the ban on same-sex marriage on the federal level.