Now is the perfect opportunity to get your message out to our listening audience. With a continual increase in the number of people listening and visiting on a daily basis, advertising with us is a great opportunity for your business to maximize exposure and get the strongest impact for your message.

RADIO – As an advertiser with News Mississippi, you have the ability to target specific geographic groups across the state of Mississippi with unparalleled efficiency. Each station targets a specific area and demographic group for maximum appeal and minimum duplication of audience between stations.

Website / Social Media – Our audience isn’t just listening to us on the radio waves, they are interacting with us around the clock through our website and social media channels. With an average of 1,000+ listeners visiting our website daily, a reach of over 4,300 Facebook fans and over 1,500 Twitter followers, we have the tools in place to get your brand message to thousands of viewers each day.

To advertise with us, contact:
Larry Tate
Director of Sales
Office: 601-991-2336
Cell: 601-624-2379
Fax: 601-956-5228