1523 now before federal courts

HB 1523, also known as the Religious Accommodations Act, was taken up by federal judges of the Circuit Court of Appeals in Lubbock, Texas, on Monday.

HB 1523 started making national headlines last year. It would allow for businesses to claim a religious exemption for denying service to anyone that violates or lives against religious beliefs. For example, a bakery could choose to turn away a same-sex couple searching for a wedding cake.

The law was blocked by a federal judge just hours before it would have gone into effect last year.

Monday, oral arguments were heard from both sides of the aisle. Governor Phil Bryant told News Mississippi he is optimistic about the judges’ pending decision.

“It normally takes about sixty days,” said Governor Phil Bryant. “We believe that we will prevail.”

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News Mississippi will continue to follow HB 1523 through the court system.


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